Thank You!

All of you who worked on this campaign have my thanks forever. The same goes for those who voted for me, even though I’ll never know who all of you are. It was very, very close, much closer than a lot of people thought it would be. While we didn’t finish first, I hope our close second showing will send a message about the kind of representation our district and our region really want. If it does, that’s a victory for all of us.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to have the support of so many people in this effort. No one runs a race alone, and I couldn’t have made a run of this one without each and every canvasser, donor, friend, and other helping hand I had. This has been a wonderful experience. I hope you think so too.

Earlier today, I called Del. Greason to congratulate him on his re-election. He replied with some gracious words, and no hard feelings. I respect that and ask all who voted for me to be as respectful in their turn.

I ran this time for a lot of reasons, but a big one was simply to provide a choice. Democracy cannot work if there are no choices on the ballot. We all must insure that there is always a choice, because American democracy cannot be a spectator sport

The future is wide open. Let’s all stay in touch and, more importantly, stay involved in the process of our government. Each of us, today, holds what is truly the highest office in the land: citizen. I look forward to serving with you in that office, as we continue the process of building a better world for ourselves, our children, and each other.

Very best wishes,

Republican Party of Virginia [Including Delegate Greason] Sending Out False Mailers

By Trevor Baratko – Loudoun Times-Mirror

In the 32nd District — currently represented by Republican Del. Tag Greason of Ashburn — the RPV mailer quoted without the nonpartisan watchdog group’s permission.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 4.11.08 PMDismissing Democratic challenger Liz Miller’s attacks against Greason on legislation relating to women’s health care, the campaign piece states, “Liz Miller should be ashamed. says these false attacks go ‘too far’ and are ‘beyond the facts,’” reads the RPV mailer authorized by Greason.

But is making clear it hasn’t weighed in on any House of Delegates photo 1races in Virginia. The organization has gone so far as to post an entry on its website discrediting some of the Republican Party of Virginia ads. While the statement does not name the race between Greason and Miller, the ads it calls into question — from the Hampton Roads races — are similar.

“We almost never write about state legislative elections, and these races are no exception,” FactCheck wrote.  Check out for the full story. Denounces Greason for False Citation has made it official: Tag Greason is lying when he says they made any comments about Liz Miller or her campaign. Here are their own words:

We learned that Virginia Del. Tag Greason also has been misusing’s story about the Virginia governor’s race to defend himself against attacks from Democrat Elizabeth Miller.

mailer authorized by Greason, a Republican in the 32nd District, displays the logo above the statement: “Liz Miller should be ashamed. says these false attacks go ‘too far’ and are ‘beyond the facts.’ ” The Greason mailer superimposes a “false” stamp over a claim in a Miller campaign mailer that said: “When Tag Greason voted for the most extreme attacks on women’s health care, I knew I had to do something.” That’s her opinion, and it’s not even suitable for a fact-check — if we were in the business of fact-checking state House races (and we’re not).

Before this item was published, we had never written about any of the attacks from the candidates for House of Delegates. And we do not intend to write anything else going forward.

Check out for the full story.

Senator Mark Warner Endorses Elizabeth Miller

Loudoun County – The race for House of Delegates in District 32 just got a lot more interesting.  The Elizabeth Miller campaign has announced the endorsement of U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

Warner, Mark-020209-18425- 0011

“Elizabeth Miller has been a champion for Democratic ideals for many years,”said Senator Mark Warner.  “We need voices like hers in Richmond.  I’m proud to endorse Liz for the Virginia House of Delegates.”

The Miller campaign has been very critical of her opponent, Republican Delegate “Tag” Greason for his votes in favor of the controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound bill and the fetal “personhood” bill that would have banned common forms of birth control, including the pill.

But most recently, Miller has also criticized Greason’s opposition to funding in the state budget for MetroRail to Loudoun County in 2012, claiming that he doesn’t support “pet projects.”

“I’m proud to have the support of Senator Warner,” said Miller.  “Voters in Loudoun want a delegate who will stay out of their bedrooms and focus on getting them to and from work on time.  We have enough Tea Party antics in Washington.  At least we can put a stop to it in Richmond.”

Virginians will cast their ballots on November 5th.


Greason and Miller Colliding in 32nd House District Race

By Trevor Baratko – Loudoun Times-Mirror

32_districtFor four years Republican state Del. Tag Greason has served as the representative for the House of Delegates 32nd District that spans through Ashburn and Potomac Falls in eastern Loudoun County.

In that time, Greason’s championed well-received legislation that requires schools to carry an extra EpiPen for students with severe allergic reactions, mandates health insurers cover autism and implements simple ‘A-F grading’ for public schools.

But the Republican’s name has also been attached to more controversial measures, including votes in favor of “personhood” legislation and the invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound bill – both of which are viewed by progressives as infringements on a woman’s power over her health care.  Click here to read the full story on

House Candidates Spar at Chamber Forum

By Danielle Nadler – Leesburg Today

525d921a8e42b.preview-300Candidates in some of the most heated House of Delegates races took every chance they could to jab their opponents during a candidates’ forum hosted by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday morning.

Answering questions from a panel of chamber members on transportation priorities, Medicaid expansion and education funding, among other issues, the challengers pointed out their opponents’ shortfalls in office while incumbents defended their voting records and touted the value of their experience.  Click here for the full story at

Greason Voted YES on Ultrasound and Personhood

Yesterday, as I was talking with more voters, a couple of them told me they were getting mixed messages about how Tag Greason had voted on forcing women to have transvaginal ultrasound exams and on how Greason had voted on giving “personhood” to a fetus from the moment of conception. I’m amazed that he is not making his own record perfectly clear on votes of such importance, but, since he isn’t, I’ll do it for him.

Delegate Thomas A. “Tag” Greason voted YES on forcing a woman to undergo a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound exam if she is considering ending an unwanted pregnancy. Here’s the online, government record of that vote:


I’ve added some yellow hightlighting, but that’s the record, plain and simple. (It’s curious that the synopsis uses the word “exceptions,” because, in its final form, the bill didn’t include any. The word “exception” doesn’t even appear in the bill, which you can read yourself, if you can stand it).

If you have any doubt about what “ultrasound imaging” means, by the terms of the bill (which required a measurement of the age of the pregnancy), it meant a woman had no choice but to submit to one of these:

BigWandIf it’s not obvious, you can have a look at how it’s used. Because of that, I want this article to set the record as straight as that probe is: Greason voted to force women to have that thing used on them, no matter what he’s saying.

In the same session, Greason voted to make a fetus a person, which would mean that the most common forms of birth-control would become illegal, that a miscarriage would be a homicide, and that a doctor who rescued a woman from the dangers of an ectopic pregnancy would be prosecuted for murder.

Delegate Thomas A. “Tag” Greason voted YES on making a fetus the legal equivalent of a person. Here’s the online, government record of that vote:


You can read that one, too, if you want.

How can Del. Greason claim he didn’t vote for these things? Well, you’ll have to ask him to get his own answer, if he has one. But, after the national outcry raised over the ultrasound bill became too much to stand, the legislature amended the bill, slightly, so the transvaginal probe in the picture above could be replaced with a “transabdominal” style exam (again, without the consent of the patient, whether she likes it or not). He voted for that one, too. So, Greason voted for both versions, even though the somewhat more disgusting bill never passed.  Similarly, the heinous “personhood” bill never passed into law either. But, again, Tag Greason voted for it.

Greason voted for mandatory transvaginal ultrasound and for fetal personhood.

Now, of course, he probably wishes he hadn’t. Voters are certainly telling me, in countless numbers, that they wish he hadn’t. They’re telling me, too, that they hope he’ll never vote for such stuff again.

Please, if you don’t want Tag Greason to vote for things like this again, then on Election Day, vote for me and, I promise you, he never will.

Women’s Groups Back Elizabeth Miller

Loudoun County, VA – With less than six weeks left until voters cast their ballots for delegate in District 32, the Elizabeth Miller campaign announced two major endorsements on Thursday.  Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington and The Farm Team are throwing their support behind the Miller campaign.

PlannedParenthoodLogo“We thank Elizabeth Miller for her long career of service on behalf of Virginians, especially her work on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia protecting a woman’s ability to make her own medical decisions,” said Noah Mamber – Public and Legislative Affairs Manager for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. “We are proud to endorse her for Delegate in the 32nd district.”

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington played a big role in opposing the controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound and fetal personhood bills, both of which Miller’s opponent, Delegate Tag Greason, supported and voted for.

ft-logo21“Liz is absolutely giving her all in this race.  The voters of Loudoun already know Liz from her prolific door-knocking in years past for other candidates,” added Susan Platt – Founding Member of The Farm Team.  “She is putting that same passion to work today, meeting voters every day and delivering a persuasive message to vote for her on November 5th.  The Farm Team is very excited about Liz and her campaign.”

The Farm Team is an organization that identifies strong women candidates who will fight for women at all levels of government in Virginia.

“I’m thrilled to have earned the support of these great organizations,” said Elizabeth Miller – candidate for Virginia House of Delegate.  ”I’ve been working for the rights of women and men for many years, and I can’t wait to continue that work in Richmond.”

Planned Parenthood and The Farm Team join NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and the Virginia National Organization of Women in their support of Miller.  Virginians go to the ballot box on November 5.

Thanks! Again. (and again, and…)

Yesterday was a great day for meeting more voters (after our soggy Saturday, my volunteers and I were doubly grateful for it). We stop visiting when the sun goes down, which seems to be remarkably earlier every night at this time of year. But, even though it ends our time for knocking on doors, it adds a bit more time for another job, one that’s taking longer as the days grow shorter.

Signing ThankYous 640Sending out “thank you” notes to people who are helping us with donations, endorsements, offers to volunteer, and just their good wishes is taking longer every night. But that’s the kind of job I like to have, since it reinforces the message I’m hearing at my neighbors’ doors: that we’re on the right path, that people want government that trusts them again, and that, with enough help, our campaign will be first across the finish line.

Send me an e-mail if I haven’t been to your neighborhood yet, or if I’ve left you a note on an evening when we missed each other. Sending good, old-fashioned letters is fun, but nothing is better than meeting you in person.

See you soon!