Tag Greason’s behavior is simply unacceptable

Tag Greason only wants what AFP wants. Not what his constituents want. Not what the Chamber of Commerce wants.

Yesterday, Tag Greason followed his Republican majority in the General Assembly and voted “No” on accepting money to extend health-care for 400,000 Virginians. This is money that would HELP CLOSE our budget shortfall, because it would go to VIRGINIA businesses: hospitals; doctors; pharmacies; medical supply companies. It is money that could have kept people from losing their homes, money that could have kept food on their children’s tables. And, as you probably already know, this is also money WE’VE ALREADY PAID as U.S. citizens.

John Boehner getting ready to sue President Obama for delaying the start of something the House has voted over 40 times to end completely.

As if refusing our own tax money back for Virginia weren’t bad enough, Tag Greason then voted to waste even more of our tax dollars – yours and mine – on John Boehner-style lawsuits to fight Attorney General Mark Herring and continue to try to deny our family, friends, and neighbors the ability to marry whomever they love. This is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

The common theme? It isn’t just about fiscal irresponsibility. It isn’t just about wasteful spending. Tag Greason is beholden to the Tea Party. What he cares about is denying couples the freedom to marry and preventing access to healthcare.

That is not what voters in Algonkian, Ashburn, Broadlands, Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Sterling want from their Delegate. What I’ve heard from you, what I believe myself, is that we want our Commonwealth to be a place where all can succeed. A place that allows everyone to have the same opportunities to find happiness. A place where families are not one illness away from bankruptcy.


Last year, we came very close to replacing Tag Greason and with your help we can win this time. I have set an ambitious goal for the end of the year and I’m already more than half-way there! We believe that getting started early this time will make all the difference. Because of that, it would mean so much to me if you could support my campaign today with a contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $101, or any amount you feel comfortable with.

I know that with your early help, we can win next year and send a message that compassion and common sense are what we want from government.

Thank you so much for your support.

More FUNdraising with (and FOR!) John Foust

Yesterday, I spent the morning calling some folks who donated to me last year and asked them to donate to John Foust for Congress!

It was a friendly competition, who can get the most people to say “yes” to donate to #VA10 in 90 minutes?

Would it be me?

or John?

With John’s staff helping do the paperwork, calling went smoothly for both of us.

He and I were neck and neck for a little bit…

And then I got some help from a friend. Andrew Wexton insisted on being counted on my tally sheet!DSC_0078

Final score, I beat John by one donor! But since I was raising money for him, he didn’t seem to mind!

John Foust and I had a friendly fundraising competition this morning

There’s nothing like friendly competition. John Foust and I got together today to see who would win big stakes: Fundraising Bragging Rights!!

Phonetime at John Foust’s Office

We got our beverages, I put on my headset, and we were off!

We take our marks

We take our marks

I rounded the turn first, getting a donation on my very first call.

Liz pulls ahead!

Liz pulls ahead!

John met the challenge and soon we were neck-and-neck.

Dialing like the wind

Dialing like the wind

Call after call after call, John pulled ahead in connections and donors.

Phonetime involves a lot of paper.

Phonetime involves a lot of paper.

Then! A surprise turn! I got a donation FOR JOHN!


This is how I looked just before I handed the call over to John.

Final results: I made more calls. John raised more money. We both win!!


The Hobby Lobby Decision: We Can Fight Back!

By now you know that the Supreme Court decided that Hobby Lobby can refuse to give women health-care required by the Affordable Care Act. What not everyone knows, however, is that it was the legislature that made this decision possible when it passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (the “RFRA”). Now, this is important, for the following reason: The Hobby Lobby case was not decided on the grounds of anyone’s First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. Here’s the last paragraph of the court’s written opinion:

The contraceptive mandate, as applied to closely held corporations, violates RFRA. Our decision on that statutory question makes it unnecessary to reach the First Amendment claim…

That’s right. It wasn’t the constitution that gave Hobby Lobby the right to use its religious beliefs to deny care to women, it was a statute. Statutes, as you know, are written by legislators. They can be written by them, and they can be repealed by them. That’s why it is so very important to our personal liberties, including our freedom of choice, to elect legislators who will write statutes our courts can enforce to preserve our freedoms, not take them away.

Our freedom of religion is one of the bedrock principles of American liberty. So is our freedom to make our own choices in the privacy of our own lives, not having them made instead by corporations or our employers. As a legislator, I will find the path that protects those freedoms together, drafting and supporting laws that leave our most personal freedoms intact, alongside laws that will continue to leave it up to us how, or even if, we will worship the Creator.

Hobby Lobby was not a victory for the constitution. As the court said itself, the constitution did not decide the case. A statute did, which means a legislature did.

Please help me do what we almost did last time. Please help me become a voice in the Virginia legislature for the defense of your personal liberty, the very same liberty that has been and continues to be under attack by an anti-person, anti-healthcare majority. We can fight back. Please help me in that fight by donating to my campaign. The next election is just over a year away, but the fight for our freedom needs us now, today, more than ever.


John Foust Women-to-Women phone bank was a great success!

Having great conversations!

Having great conversations!

Thirty women calling over 1000 women, while eating brownies and cake. And thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

The best part was seeing some of my favorite people including Dr. Marilyn Foust (bottom center of the picture below), Jennifer Wexton, Jennifer Boysko, and Kathleen Murphy (next to me in the magenta jacket).


A perfect day for phone-banking!


DPVA Women-to-Women Phone Bank for John Foust!


Dr. Marilyn Foust, OBGYN, at the Loudoun County Jefferson Jackson Dinner. Picture courtesy the Loudoun County Democratic Committee

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be at this fun event along with Senator Jennifer Wexton and Dr. Marilyn Jerome Foust (John Foust’s wife, and an OBGYN!), and many others.

We’re going to be calling women around the district, connecting with each other, and having an uproariously good time. If you’ve never been to a phone-bank party, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

When: Tomorrow, Monday May 19 from 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Where: 10 Pidgeon Hill, Suite 120 Sterling, VA 20165

Come and join us! RSVP on FaceBook or email to Kathy Shupe at kathy@foustforvirginia.com or call 571-218-8388.


Foust put together a fantastic event to thank his volunteers


Talking with some of John Foust’s supporters. With enthusiasm like theirs, John will definitely be the next Congressman from the 10th District!


Over 150 enthusiastic supporters came out to celebrate the start of John Foust’s campaign for Congress and to sign up to canvass!

Featured speakers were  two of my favorite people, Attorney General Mark Herring and State Senator Jennifer Wexton.

I’m going to be knocking doors for John in the 32nd, and I can’t wait. I’ve got my walking shoes ready!

Talking with Mark Herring and John Foust. Yes, they really are that tall. Or maybe I'm that short.

Talking with Mark Herring and John Foust. Mark Herring’s done a magnificent job as Attorney General!

2015, here we come!

This is going to press right now!

Ashburn, VA- Elizabeth Miller is announcing her intention to once again challenge Delegate Tag Greason.  Recent comments and actions from Delegate Greason have moved her make this decision early in the process.

“Recent actions from Delegate Greason have shown disrespect to his constituents. From his outrageous letter to a senior citizen in the district who supports Medicaid expansion (telling her ‘you are the problem’), to his childish stunts in Richmond (like refusing to shave and posting signs on the Senate chamber doors), to his insults aimed at colleagues and voters at his public appearances, he has made it clear that he is more interested in acting like a typical Washington-style politician, than trying to solve problems for Loudoun County,” Miller said today. “Ashburn, Broadlands, and Lansdowne deserve a delegate who will be responsive to their needs, respectful of their input, and representative of their interests. Instead, we have a man who is driven entirely by politics, voting with the Tea Party, utterly uninterested in what his people want.”

Miller first challenged Greason in 2013, winning just under 49% of the vote, despite being heavily outspent and making a late entry into the race. “Voters of the 32nd district have been asking me, ‘Will you run again in 2015?’” she said. “After what we’ve seen from Mr. Greason this year, I don’t think I can wait that long. I am running as of today.”

Miller runs a small business with her husband, has a twelve-year-old son in the Loudoun public schools, and is active within the community.